Our Story

Different Name, Same Great Service

Businesses go through many changes throughout their lifetimes; from facelifts and expansions, to complete management overhauls. For Seth and Melissa Clark, however, they have completely revamped their business model and turned it into something much more amazing.

Creswell Coffee Company has been the morning routine of Southern Lane County residents ever since its opening in 2007. In 2010, when Clark purchased Creswell Coffee from Susan Nordquist, he continued her legacy of offering quality coffees, pastries, breakfast and lunch menu items and the amazing service their customers expect.

Nordquist had also been the owner of Espresso 58 in Pleasant Hill, which had opened in 1996, and Clark has often thought of the two businesses as siblings in the daily grind. When Espresso 58 shut down in 2017, the owner of Pisgah Public Market approached Clark with an opportunity to expand his business. Due to the long history between Clark, Nordquist, Creswell Coffee, and Espresso 58, the people of Pleasant Hill were happy to hear they could once again obtain their favorite morning beverages from a friendly face.

“I was very fortunate to have the mobile trailer. We started operation immediately after shutdown [of Espresso 58], which was critical in our ability to take over the operation”

For the first two weeks of business, Seth worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, selling specialty beverages from his mobile cart, CC Rider. The hours were long, and the work was hard, but it paid off. On Aug 14, 2018, Clark officially reopened Espresso 58. Clark and Espresso 58 have received continued support from the community and have already gathered regular customers. Espresso 58 is currently making new signs, menus, and logos, but are open and ready for business.

Besides Espresso 58 in Pleasant Hill, Clark has already started expanding north into Coburg. Developers have broken ground on the new Coburg Inn where Clark plans to launch his next big project. The building has already taken form, and with it, Clark’s dreams are becoming a reality.

Clark’s newest plan, a full-sized bistro on the ground floor of the future Coburg Inn, will feature all of Creswell Coffee’s favorite menu items and even enough space for live music. Indoor seating will allow for around 40 people as well as an additional 30 seats outside. Plans for a walk-up window for orders and refreshers on beverages are also in the works.

With all the recent changes and additions, Clark decided he had one last change he needed to make. Since his business has now expanded outside Creswell city limits, he has outgrown the original Creswell Coffee name. On August 10, 2018, Clark announced the newest name for his locally owned chain: Blue Valley Bistro.

This new name encompasses all of his projects: Blue Valley Bistro in Creswell, Espresso 58 and CC Rider, operated by Blue Valley Bistro, and the soon to be Blue Valley Bistro in Coburg.

Clark hopes to have Blue Valley Bistro in Coburg open for business by the end of February 2019, but this also relies heavily on permits and the continued development of the building.

There have been and will continue to be many changes in store for Clark and his endeavors, but his long-time customers can rest easy; he will continue to offer the same drinks, menu items, and great service for many years to come.

Whether it‘s Creswell Coffee or Blue Valley Bistro, it’s the excellent customer service, management, quality menu items, and local music that have made it such a success over the years.