Our Story


We made it, and you have too.  Lets celebrate life and enjoy the finer things, like delicious quality food and hand-crafted espresso.  2020 was a rocky year with some deep, dark lows, and incredibly humbling highs.  Our little communities of Creswell and Coburg came in droves to show their support and we’re happy to return the favor by bring smiles each and every day.

We have two amazing restaurants preparing breakfast and lunch, made to order. We never skimp on quality, and you’re sure to get your money’s worth in quantity as well.  From our breakfast burrito, to our vegan friendly Mornin’ Scramble, or our famous Cobb Salad and home-made Bleu Cheese dressing, you’re sure to find something that will satisfy our palate.

Blue Valley’s Humble Beginnings

The story of Blue Valley Bistro goes all the way back to 2007, When Paul and Suzanne Nordquist wished to open a full-service coffeehouse after successfully running a drive-through coffee stand in Pleasant Hill, OR for 15 years. Unfortunately, 2007 was not the ideal time to launch a new business, as soon, the local economy came to a crashing halt. What was once the fastest growing community in Lane County, would soon be an economic ghost-town. The Nordquists powered through for 2 and a half years, renegotiating the terms of their lease several times just to see if they could make it another 6 months. Finally, with the end of their lease coming up July 1st of 2010, they made the tough decision. It’s either sell the business, or close the doors.

Along come Seth and Melissa Clark who moved to Tahoe in 2007 to try and start their own coffeehouse. Due to the lack of lending, their dream was short lived…. Or so they thought. After the decision came for the Clarks to move back to Eugene so they could be close to family, they found Blue Valley Bistro (formerly Creswell Coffee Co.) for sale on Craigslist. A quick trip to Creswell, to check out the potential, and 6 weeks of negotiating, and the Nordquists and Clarks came to an agreement. Seth and Melissa packed up their stuff and moved from Tahoe to Eugene on June 29th 2010. The two parties signed papers on July 2nd and the Clarks officially assumed ownership on July 5th.

Initially the idea was to change very little. The local community loved Paul and Suzanne and that last thing that needed to happen in a down economy was to scare away the regulars. Of course, as time progressed, slowly and surely Seth and Melissa made it their own.

Things took a wild turn in 2016 when the Clarks welcomed their baby girl Lyla into this world. With the focus of their attention on a newborn, the business took a financial hit. It was a long, slow climb uphill, but sparred the idea of growth. Since 2010, the Clarks have worked tirelessly to build relationships with their community and to rise to the occasion to meet Creswell’s needs. At the brink of financial disaster in early 2016, Seth and Melissa decided the only way to keep doing what they loved, is if they grew their business. The idea was simple, use the same principles that made Blue Valley Bistro a cornerstone of the Creswell community and apply them to other small towns around Eugene. They set their eyes on Coburg.

Around October of 2017, Seth began negotiations with a developer of a large mixed-use development happening in the heart of Coburg. It seemed to be the perfect fit. A contract was signed, and construction was underway. Blue Valley Bistro Coburg opened its doors September of 2019, and even with a very rocky start with COVID in 2020, Coburg began to flourish.

Both locations are now open six days a week and have also begun hosting live music and events again!